Friday, September 26, 2008

Draft Press Release #3- CVAIA


September 26, 2008

Preston Parker
160 N. Main
Logan, UT 84321

Investment Group Teaches Philosophy on Job Happiness

LOGAN, Utah— The Cache Valley Area Investors Association meets every other week to teach members about smart investing and the philosophy that one can become financially independent working in any job you enjoy.

Founder and President Preston Parker said, “It’s all about getting your monthly passive income greater than your monthly expenses. Once you get to that point you are financially independent.” Parker believes anyone can get to this point in as little as three years. This philosophy ties in with his belief in the investment risk pyramid. The base is self, meaning that once you get yourself set (spiritually, physically, and mentally) you can start to move forward with your investments of time, money, and credit.

The CVAIA is a non-profit organization that meets in a non-threatening environment to discuss investment ideas and theories. They hold meetings every first and third Thursday of the month. CVAIA is calling for people who are interested and want to advance and change their lives. They invite anyone to join the e-mail list,, and start attending meetings.

People in America have ample opportunity and options to be able to work I a job they enjoy. Understanding and managing passive income makes this possible. There are many associations which are helping educate people in how to truly become financially independent. Cache Valley Area Investors Association based in Logan, Utah, is one such organization. It was founded in July, 2007, and currently has 50 members.

McKell Blake
PR consultant


Julee_Baird said...

I found some errors with your quotes. Be sure to says who said it after the first sentence of a quote. There was a quote in there from Parker where you had more than one sentence before you wrote he said it. Also, in your header spell out three. But good job. It was written nicely!

kandicrompton said...

Your press release stinks. Ok, not really, just trying to make Preston happy. You did a good job getting a lot in there, but unless you already know what the investment pyramid is, the part where you talk about it would be incredibly confusing.

Roeckers said...

I found the press release highly uninformative. It didn't tell me a thing about you and Mike still dating, how your classes are going, when you're going to come visit... nothing.

Well, it does tell me one thing. You did (at least once this semester) do some homework.

We miss you guys and hope our paths cross again soon!

npeters said...

Hey McKell, to be honest, I thought you did a pretty good job. I know that Preston said we are supposed to be more critical, but I have to be honest and say I thought you did a good job. I guess if I were to change something, I would say explain what CVAIA is closer up to the lead. The story seems a little out of order.