Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hear ye, hear ye. From this point forward this will be stricktly a professional blog. Mike and I have started our own blog (that he will also blog to) at so everyone come and check it out there. It will shortly be updated with lots of fun stories and pictures.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Intro to PR Post - Healthy Cooking

SACRAMENTO: A commission in California, which advocates for children under the age 5, continued its mission to promote healthy eating with a new campaign featuring Latina chef, author, and TV personality Chef LaLa.

I think this is interesting because in Preston Parker's PR writting class we have been doing a lot of work on a campaign for healthy "quick service" food. I think its great to see a real agency working on a similar project. It is good to know we are getting experience as students that is directly applicable to the real world.

This is a compliment to the USU PR porgram and its professors. Keep it up!

Intro to PR Post - McDonald's

OAK BROOK, IL: McDonald's published its first CSR report in two years in a digital format complete with a blog and videos. Bob Langert, VP of CSR at McDonald's said the company hopes the new format will increase employee and consumer interest in the results, which were released October 29.

The study, the company's first since 2006 and fourth since 2002, highlights the fast-food giant's work in governance and ethics, environmental responsibility, nutrition and well-being, sustainable supply chains, and employment experience and community. It was created in a nine-to-10 month process, Langert said.

I thought this was interesting that the decided to post all digital. I think this is an awesome example of media convergience. Although I am sure there is a write up of the info somewhere they chose to publish in a format where they could add video and blog to the information.

This is just another example of how the internet has changed the PR world and why it is important to understand the internet and the time frame it brings into play. The news hour has become the news minuet.

Position Paper- Burger Planet Final

Creative Brief

Burger Planet is now offering healthy choice menu options in the quick service food industry. Not only do we want to add items to our menu we want to position ourselves in the minds of our customers, especially women between the ages of 30 and 40, as a healthy alternative. Our partnership with Jayne Peterson will help give us positive publicity and a voice for our campaign.

Our research has shown that although women between 30 and 40 years of age have stopped coming to Burger Planet as often they still enjoy the concept of quick service food. Our target audience also is the target audience of Opal Whitcomb. Those who support her and her ties with Jayne Peterson and weight loss will also support Burger Planet’s new menu. Our new menu choices alongside old favorites will be the perfect family dinner option.

We believe that through a series of press releases and various advertisements including radio, TV, and billboards associated with Jayne Peterson we will be able to positively position Burger Planet in the minds of all our customers.