Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Press Release: Burger Planet

Jayne Petersen teams with Burger Planet

GARY, Indiana-- President and CEO of Looking Glass, Inc. and author of best seller “Looking Good in a Leotard,” Jayne Petersen, has teamed with Burger Planet, Inc. to promote new menu items and a healthy lifestyle. New menu items will include fruit packages, gourmet salads, and all white meat chicken wraps. These items along with the traditional favorites will now be available.

"Jayne Petersen and Burger Planet share a commitment toward health,” said James E. Muellenbach III CEO of Burger Planet. Jayne Petersen has helped countless women, including Opal Whitcomb, lose weight on the philosophy that it is ok to eat what you want as long as you remain active. “Women can have a burger and fries now and then as long as they are active and also try some of Burger Planet's exciting new menu choices, such as the fruit packages,” said Petersen. Opal Whitcomb has lost 75 pounds and has kept it off. Petersen preaches a message of moderation with 20 minutes of walking per day.

Burger Planet and Jayne Petersen agree that the new menu choices and moderation along with regular exercise are great healthy living choices. Burger Planet knows that their new healthy choices menu along with their other great menu choices will make a delicious meal for any family. “Burger Planet has been a leader in the Quick Service Restaurant industry in offering healthy menu choices. The company believes in encouraging customers to live healthier, active lifestyles and I have spent my life trying to teach women that lesson," said Petersen.

Burger Planet was founded in 1934 in Indianapolis, Indiana. At last count there were 8,921 franchises worldwide. The headquarters is in Gary, Indiana. They employ 48,272 people.

McKell Blake
Public Relations Consultant


Han Feng said...

Hello McKell,

Your press release is very nice! It provides accurate information and well-organized structure. You could probably check few AP Style errors.

Excellent work!

Han Feng

m e g a n said...

You did a great job at putting this together. You've got a knack for getting inside the companies head and making a clear and concise point for the press release! Excellent writing!

Jo said...

I liked how concise it is. Your head and sub head are right to the point. Nice Job!