Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Intro to PR Post 1- Pepto

The ad I chose was found on adweek.com. Pepto-Bismol is launching new ads that do not include their famous “Macarena” type jingle that their last campaign it included. The new ads are targeting a slightly different audience in my opinion. I do believe the campaign will be effective for two reasons. First, they are humorous and second, they are different.
People like to be entertained. We tend to remember things that make us laugh. This commercial includes both humor in the product and in the concept of things that are realistic to the audience. The commercial reminds me of The Office and I think that will play into the advertising in other ads.
The other reason I think this ad will be successful is the fact that it is something they haven’t tried before. People are starting to get sick of the jingle advertising. I have noticed a decreasing number of ads use songs. I think they were over done in the last five years. Especially by companies like Low Book Sales; I personally got annoyed with them. The drawback is the fact that some people do like the jingle. I am reminded of the Taco- Bell dog. Although new marketing has been successful for them people were upset about the disappearance of the little dog.
In general I think the campaign will be successful. The idea is great and it avoids the annoying jingle that they used to use. I also believe that the younger hipper audience will like it better. It has a feel a lot like The Office and I think that is a great way to appeal to the audience they are targeting.

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