Thursday, September 4, 2008

PRW 1- Letter to Cousin

Dear Cousin Joe,

I am writing to tell you I have recently acquired an internship at a large company working with their director of public relations. Public relations, often referred to as PR, has been my course of study for the past two years at Utah State University.

I have loved working on PR here on campus. Public relations professionals have many responsibilities including working with both media and business being the key communicator between the two; writing press releases to the local newspapers, talking about upcoming events, products or people that they might want to write a story on; or even working on different marketing teams to launch different advertising campaigns. At my internship I am often expected to use my writing skills.

Public Relations has many different positions and fields you can enter. There are PR agencies that are an outside source of different marketing and creative teams that work for a company. Or you can directly work for a company in a PR position or department.

I am excited for the new opportunities that await me.

Your Cousin,
McKell Blake

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Han Feng said...

Hello McKell,

I really like your letter because it reveal the details about the responsibility of being a PR.

The words you chose are easy to understand and have clearly explained what you do.