Thursday, January 24, 2008

Practice News Story 2-- OGDEN FIRE

Washington Boulevard Ablaze

The building on the corner of 21st and Washington in Ogden was set ablaze at around 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant and the apartments above it were damaged in the fire. There were five people in the building when the fire started and all made it out alive.

The owner of the building, Rachel Caluoun, had no comment for press.

Pedro Sanchez, owner of the restaurant, was cooking in the kitchen when a grease fire started on the stove. He and Michael Freeman, the only customer at the time, were able to get out with no harm. Miguel Sanchez, Pedro’s brother, and his two daughters, Maria Delmar 4 and Mercedes 2, also made it out. The girls were taken to McKay-Dee Hospital for smoke inhalation.

Pedro has been in America with a working license for 2 years. His brother Miguel has been here only 6 months and is waiting for his working visa paper work to finish. Pedro said, "I like it here in America. I like my restaurant. I would like to keep it going. My friends have offered to help me re build and continue to work."


Candice said...

Hey! Good article. You're quote at the end was perfect and summed everything up well.

Anonymous said...

I liked your article. You kept the information flowing nicely and I didn't feel flustered. Good work!

Colby Bair said...

Hey good job. It all seemed to flow together good. To me the begining sentence was kind of wierd. something just didn't seem right. It was good though.