Thursday, January 17, 2008

Practice News Story 1-- Utah State Van Accident

Tragedy Strikes USU

Utah State University van, caring 11 passengers, rolled on highway 84 yesterday around 4 PM. The van was returning from a agriculture field trip when, it is suspected, there were mechanical problems causing the van to roll multiple times; killing at least 4 individuals. The driver, Evan Parker, along with students Steven Bair, Curt Madsen and Brad Wilcox were all pronounced dead at the scene. Robert Petersen and Jared Nelson have both been taken to Ogden Regional Hospital.

Eye witness Kyle Holden, who was traveling with the group in a separate vehicle, said, "I noticed smoke and knew there was something wrong." Holden suspected that there were issues with tire causing the van to swerve then catch in the gravel causing the accident. Lieutenant Jason Jensen also suspects mechanical issues were the base of this crash, he also suspects excessive speed.

University Dean of Agriculture Noel Cockett reported that, "this couldn’t have happened at a worse time, during Ag Week, doing the thing they love, here at an agriculture school." She said that the remainders of the week’s activities are being postponed and that it is a time of memorial for the school. There will be a memorial for the students later this week.


mckell said...

my article needs work. i would have liked to put that the accident was west of tremonton and that evan parker was a professor. lesson learned!

MegHans said...

I think you did way good for this being our first news story! Its hard to get all the facts in, in such a short amount of time! But the only suggestion I have is to be careful with run on sentences! Other than that I really liked it!

BobbyP said...

I liked the story. there were some grammatical errors, but its good for a 10 minute story.