Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Overdue

Sorry about it being so long again between posts with nothing to do with Public Relations. Lots has been happening and the last few weeks have been a ton of fun!

One week ago today Mike proposed! I said yes! (anyone suprised?---- didn't think so) We are going to be getting married in the Salt Lake City Temple on December 12th 2008. Everyone is invited to the reception in Layton that evening. (there also might be a Payson open house, for anyone interested details are pending) So if you all want announcements (with pickin' cute pics) I need your addresses! If you are a relative or responded to the facebook e-mail you are exempt.

In other news... wait, there isn't any. For lack of other subjects I will tell you all how Mike purposed :)

We went out to dinner, and ate steak! It was super yummy. Then we drove up Providence Canyon. All the way at the top there is a waterfall that comes out of the rock, it is beautiful. It was cold and overcast. We hopped out of the Jeep (my car wouldn't have been able to make the drive, atleast without some serious dammage) and Mike pulled me into his arms. We stood there for a while looking at the distant glow over the hills from the city. Mike broke the silence with, "How 'bout it toots?" To which I responded, "How 'bout what?"

He then smiled kissed me and began to explain why he had brought me to this particular place. He told me that we were up away from everyone, alone, just us because this was the start of our commitment to one another and that just we were involved and soon the Lord would make the covenant complete. He then said that we were up with the clouds (remember its overcast) and that he hopped I would be on a cloud for a while at least and that I would be happy. He then mentioned that it had been reaffirmed to him that afternoon that I was the one he was supposed to marry and be with forever.

--side story--
I then asked him to tell me how and he responded with, "and there I sat, on the toilet-" We both laughed and then he told me the real story but I tell you all this to show his sense of humor that I and I'm sure everyone has come to love and appriciate.

He then said that last we were in the mountains. He talked about how mountians were very symbolic of Temples and that we were going to go to the temple and how happy he was that were are able to be together forever and have an eternal family. Then we went home and announced it to the family.

Well now that you are all super sapped out I will be done with the post :) Thanks for all your guy's help (and if you haven't helped yet I am sure you will;)


Ryan and Melanie said...

If you were having the reception a week later, then I could come:( When's the one in Payson if you are having it? And yes, it is totally weird to hear you be all sappy and lovey dovey! Thanks for sharing the details though. It's always fun to hear. Talk to ya soon.

Roeckers said...

You just tanked on your professional writing ethic this blog has become famous for! Where's your standards?!?!


Thanks for posting it. It's important to set the story straight while it's fresh. That way years from now you don't have to tell the kids. You can just say... read it on the blog!


Anonymous said...

wow congrats... Mike i thought i told you if you wait long enough they will end up asking you.. lol haha? I dont think anyone will ever know the true story of Les and I's engagement... you guys have fun...

Anonymous said...

A professional writer should know that the word is "proposed" not "purposed".

mckell said...

yes, yes they should... thank you. (feel free to edit any posts, helps me get a better grade!)

Michael said...

So how do I post besides comment?