Thursday, October 16, 2008

Intro to PR Post #6- McDonald's

I'm lovin' it, you're lovin' it and now the Hispanics will be lovin' it! McDonald's is a huge corp. and I had no idea they needed to target a market as big as the whole Hispanic population. However, I think this is a really good campaign. It is specific enough to their culture that it will probably work. Its a great idea to tie it into the Grammy Awards too.

McDonald's broadens Hispanic outreach with traveling 'Fiesta'
Kimberly MaulOctober 02 2008

McDonald's is extending its Hispanic outreach with the Fiesta Tour, a traveling exhibit with Latin music artifacts. The tour will visit cities before and after the November 13 Latin Grammy Awards in Houston. "One of the things we know about our Hispanic customers is that music is one of their passion areas," said Cristina Alfaro, manager of US Communications for McDonald's.

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