Thursday, April 17, 2008

PNS 11- Utah State University Van Accident

Posted April 17, 2008 11:00 p.m. MT

Agriculture Week Now Week of Memorial

TREMONTON, Utah—There were seven confirmed fatalities of a van accident on Interstate 84 west of Tremonton around 4 p.m. The van carrying 11 passengers, ten students and one professor, blew a tire and rolled several times. Steven Bair, Curt Madsen, Bad Wilcox and their professor, Evan Parker, died. Robert Peterson and Jared Nelson along with two others were transported to local hospitals and are in critical condition.

Lieutenant Jason Jensen said, “It was a horrific scene.” He suspects excessive speed was a cause for the accident. “In my 15 years of experience this is by far the worst accident I have ever seen. It is defiantly going to effect the community.

Kyle Holden, driver of a truck traveling with the van, said, “Evan was not able to regain control after the tire blew and drove off the freeway and the van rolled several times and people just flew.” Holden reports that the group was traveling approximately 79 miles an hour.
This accident took place during Agriculture week, a week celebrating agriculture, at Utah State University. Dean of the Collage of Agriculture Noel Cockett said, “It will have a long term effect on the collage as well as the community.” She also reported that the reminder of the week’s activities will be cancelled and memorial ceremonies will take place.


-KJ said...

Some of the stories are fake, but this one isn't, right? Didn't this happen like 3 years ago? I swear Utah State is cursed with bad accidents. That Sardine Canyon is so scary!!! My parents told me they didn't want me to go there just because of that.
I really wanted to go there, but I knew I wasn't tough enough for that freezing wind! Burrrrrrrrrrrr!

mckell said...

Yes this did really happen 3 years ago. It is just a practice story about that event it didnt happen again or anything. It is written like it happened today though, and reported like a breaking story. I love this class. I should blog about something besides class I guess. I havent gotten around to it yet. Maybe I will do that later today, after I write another paper for art sympo LOL. Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

There was an accident in whyoming probably....8 years ago, and this accident happened in october of 05, the reports were mostly false about what was at fault, the van was going just 3 miles over the speed limit, and all of them were wearing seat belts. my cousin was in this accident.