Thursday, April 24, 2008

Common Ground

I went skiing with the group Common Ground a few times this winter. It was a blast if any of you are interested in going with this summer or next ski season let me know. This is a short video I put together for an English project. Enjoy!

ok so it wont let me just embed it so here is a link :) and there are some other movies on the page too. should be awesome



Ryan & Melanie said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! But what's all this school stuff doing on it? Now that you're done, you'll have to do some fun summer posts:)
So when are you going to come visit me? Now we have an extra room and everything!
How's the lifeguarding? How's Bill? I miss being the favorite:)

-KJ said...

Yeah right. I would be the kid rolling down the slopes with a broken leg and snot frozen to my cheek.

Why am I getting flash backs from girls camp when I watch that video?