Thursday, April 10, 2008

PNS 10 Investigative: Ted Turner

PNS 10 Investigative: Ted Turner

Posted April 10, 2008 10:05 MT

Turner, Gates and Buffet in Africa?

LOGAN, Utah-- Ted Turner and Warren Buffet partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help Africans in need. Turner and the Gates were seen getting off a private jet in Africa on Wednesday. While in Africa they met with local officials to discuss bringing health supplies and education to the area. The group is also working closely with the World Health Organization.

The partnership is hoping to join their efforts together to make a bigger impact. Bill Gates said, “we want to do the most good with the most dollars, it’s not about out bidding.” Bill is optimistic about the partnership purposed by Turner. “It’s very encouraging,” Gates said.

An African mayor, Malik Ok, who met with Bill, Melinda and Ted while they were in Africa said, “I like their approach because they want to give it [health supplies] to us and teach us so once they are gone we can keep using them.” While contributions in the past have been helpful Ok commented that once organizations leave the people tend to slip back into old habits.


-KJ said...

It would have been way cooler if it was Jimmy Buffett.

Regan said...

Awesome quotes! This PNS was a little weird... I didn't like writing it! You did good though!

mckell said...

No kidding :) jimmy buffet and they could help people in margaritaville! ps you do know these are practice news stories that are totally fake right??? next time i will nominate jimmy buffet

Allie Cat said...

Good job. I really like the quotes you put in.

usumatty said...

Yah, like Regan said it wasnt my favorite story to write but you did really well, as you always do haha. I'm sure youve noticed by now that half of your story is in a different font than the other half of the story lol. This is prolly just some kind of computer error. But anyway, your story was written well, good job!