Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Journal Entry Reading, Week I

I enjoyed "It's Just a Movie." It was different from other media criticism pieces I have read before. I think that it was funny as well as informative. It was exciting to read. I usually have been more of the type to think that the important things to look at and learn from are classics when in reality there are so many more opinions to be expressed in today's medium.

In the Framing: Toward Clarification of a Fractured Paradigm paper I found things that I am dealing with in PR. Framing in PR is a big deal. I thought that when it talked about benefits of a consistent concept of framing it was right on. Often I think that people don't remain consistent. This is a problem for a lot of companies and individuals but for the media as a whole there is often a consistent framing of a group or event. It was interesting for me to tie the two concepts together.

I felt like a lot of what I read online and the Toward Critical Media Literacy piece were things that I had already learned in media smarts and other classes in the JCOM department. However, I was really impressed with one part of the Toward Critical Media Literacy paper, core concept 3- audience Decoding: Different people experience the same media message differently. I liked the idea of this because I think that a lot of what we will be studying is stuff that I have not thought about before. I don't see the media about sexual minorities the same as people who are sexual minorities do.

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