Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Enough Said"

Have you noticed that when you spend enought time with someone you start to say phrases or words that they use? Well I have. If you lived in Reeder Hall 2007-2008 you have probably used the words or phrases:

I'm not gonna lie
Let's be Honest
That's Not Funny
Shut up... I hate you
No way
Because Rick ate my face
What the Fuh
Stupid Boy
Um, yeah

There are more I am sure. I will add them when I remember them. Well, now that I use these key phrases I can't stop. You will probably hear me use them more often than not.

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Makell said...

Hey Mckell - (cool name, btw.)
just thought I would say hi - it looks like you're having fun - College is the best time. Enjoy it all before you get hitched! j/k