Thursday, February 28, 2008

Practice News Story 6: Press Release

Practice News Story 6: Press Release

February 28, 2008

For Immediate Release

ClearPoint Instruction LLC

President Mary Ann Parlin


Knowledge Helps Patients Recover up to 50 Percent Faster

ClearPoint works to Educate

LOGAN, Utah— Patients at local hospitals and physical therapy facilities are recovering faster thanks to help provided by ClearPoint Instruction LLC. ClearPoint is a local company that creates educational pamphlets about medical procedures to inform people about procedures they are undertaking. Senior Vice President Project Manager Preston Parker said, “It’s not about the money, it’s about doctors wanting their patients to recover better and quicker.” It has been found that educated patients recover up to 50 percent faster, are happier with their procedure, and are able to recover to a higher standard than those who are not.

ClearPoint has been working with Mountain West Physical Therapy and Cache Valley Specialty Hospital. They have created three pamphlets, a pregnancy wheel and DVD, along with other DVD’s including: inpatient surgery, out patient surgery, 2 meniscus videos, and a lumbar fusion procedure. These DVD’s not only cover the basics of those procedures but also information on common hospital policies like eating after midnight, fingernail polish and make-up, and jewelry. Knowing about this helps individuals get into surgery faster and saves doctors time and money. “We use simulated instruction which shows what is going to happen by using examples.” Parker said.

This service is free for patients. Why not become informed? The health benefits of knowing before you go are incredible. Doctors and patients alike love this program. Let’s work together to improve Utah health care.

ClearPoint Instruction LLC is a Utah-based company made up of a small team of well-trained and highly-experienced designers. Our staff have degrees in instructional technology, curriculum and instruction, computer science, and graphic design. In addition, they have a combined 40+ years of experience in designing and developing instructional products and educational services. That is why we use a model-centered approach to design instruction. We start by developing accurate models of what your patients need to know, do, and feel about their own health. Next, we create instructional materials and learning activities that actively engage patients in solving authentic problems related to their health. Finally, we work with you to conduct research that lets you know if the patients are really learning. At ClearPoint Instruction, we are dedicated to designing instruction that works. And we promise you this: Your patients will clearly see the main point.

For more information please contact

McKell Blake, Public Relations Manager




usumatty said...

I thought your story was very well written, certainly better than mine haha. You used good quotes, and everything just flowed really well. Well done.

See ya in class

Regan said...

Very good! Lots of info, and very clear. Transition was great!

kandicrompton said...

You did a really good job with this press release! lots of information, and plenty of facts! Nice job.